Rigging Toolset


As I’ve worked with rigging and technical animation during my time as a Technical Artist at The Game Assembly, I felt the need to increase the efficiency and speed of my rigging process. These scripts are the tools that I made during my time at TGA for that purpose. 

Automated skeleton setup

Since I’ve been creating a lot or rigs for various projects at The Game Assembly I felt the need to try to automate as much of the rigging process as possible which is why I created this script. 

The script is a quick rig setup in which you can create a basic skeleton structure quick and easy, and customize it to suit your needs.

The model used in the video was made by Petter Gunnarsson.


Download link above

Ribbon spine follicle setup

This script is something I made when I transitioned from a traditional IK spine setup to a ribbon spine setup. What it does is that it applies follicles to each isoparm on a nurbs surface, either in the U or V span. It also creates joints parented under each follicle. This can be used to quickly create a ribbon spine setup for either the actual spine of a character or for an arm twist.

For the base of the script I borrowed heavily from Chris Lesage’s script, but I’ve added a basic UI, the option of choosing U or V for the spans as well as creating joints parented to each follicle.


Download link above

Control creator script

This is a custom script I made for making my rigging process more efficient. What it does is that it creates some predefined shapes that I use as controls when I create rigs for both my personal projects, as well as the game projects I’ve been a part of during my time at The Game Assembly. 


Download link above

Control placement script

Adding a control to a joint, and then creating a control group for that control can take a lot of time. What this script does is that it allows the user to select joints, or objects, and then select a preferred control object and place them, with a control group, with the same orientation as the object that the user wants to be controlled.

This script is meant to help in the process of creating controls and to cut down the time spent on creating controls and control groups. 


Download link above