KAMI was the first game I worked on as a Technical Artist at The Game Assembly. 

The game is first and foremost supposed to be a calming experience, something that you play for a little while to relax and just have fun.  The basic premise of the game is to fly through hoops and collect as many as possible. The more hoops you collect, the higher your score. 

I was primarily responsible for the game’s art pipeline as well as the particle effects.

The game was produced in 10 weeks, part time(50%). 

My contributions

  • FBX exporter
    Custom FBX export script adapted to our engine, with automatic LOD creation.

  • Particle effects
    Environment and player particle effects  made in our custom particle editor.

  • Art pipeline
    Setting scale, testing export/import of 3D assets, and optimization. Creation of alpha assets such as 3D models and textures.