Charger was the second game I made while studying Technical Art at The Game Assembly.

The game is based off of the MOBA/RTS genre, using elements from games such as DOTA 2 and Warcraft 3. The game takes place on an alien planet where the main character needs to find a way off the planet while fighting a robot invasion.

I was primarily responsible for the game’s animation pipeline and also the general art pipeline. 

The game was produced in 10 weeks, part time(50%). 

My contributions

  • Animation pipeline
    Rigging and animation export.

  • Art pipeline
    Custom Substance Painter texture export, adapted to our engine. 

  • Animation
    Enemy and joint-based environment animations.

  • Procedural generation
    Procedural rock creation made in Houdini for the artists to use in Maya.

  • General pipeline
    Updating export/import pipeline, general scripting support, and optimization.


These are a few of the animations that I made for this project.